Course Details:
Cost: Free 
Estimated Length: 10 Minutes

  • Only Windows Operating System with Google Chrome Browser, is supported.
  • The course enrollment period will close October 23rd, 2020.

  • Before enrolling in e-learning courses provided by Global Jet Services, participants have the opportunity to get an overview of how the e-learning system works and how to maneuver through the different parts of the courses. The Lesson Navigation course offers brief instructions on how to use the navigation tool bar, with emphasis on the unique functions of each button. Using hands-on simulations and exercises, participants will also gain familiarity with the valuable features of the toolbox, as well as how to close a session and logout. This course is a great way to learn about all the remarkable features and functions provided for your use in the GJS e-learning system.


    • Identify and use each button on the navigation toolbar
    • Navigate throughout the courses using the navigation toolbar
    • Remove the calculator and note pad from the toolbox and use when needed
    • Close a session